Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maze Of Ashes

I had a dream... a long time ago... where I was viewing a place... a basement? a catacombs? some sort of maze of rooms that seemed to be deep beneath the earth.
There was no real light there... things were sensed rather than seen.
The air was dense with floating ash and the floor had a thick covering of it, along with bones and random bits of machinery and statuary and jewelry.
There were shadows wandering in there... shrouded, thin and alone.
Some of the shadows sat in the ash piles, digging in the rubble of a lost world.
It was clear somehow that these were all the dead gods of earth... forgotten kings of the universe left to wallow in the ruins.
At the end of one hallway there was a room with a ornate arched doorway... and beyond that was absolute blackness. Darker even than the lightless rooms of the maze of ashes.
None of the shadows passed through this doorway, but without words they informed me that beyond that door was the first god, the primal secret.
The rest of the maze had been silent and neither hot nor cold... but this door, it had a sound like a windstorm and I felt the air grow cold as I approached it.

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